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Physical and emotional well-being

The Innowalk is a pioneering, dynamic motorised device which offers physical and emotional well-being by providing the opportunity for moderate physical activity. No independent ability to stand or walk is required.

Reduce the risk of negative health outcomes

Assisted, guided and repetitive movements in an upright, weight-bearing position stimulate gross motor function and reduce the risk of negative health outcomes.

No independent ability to stand or walk is required

The Innowalk is custom-made to make movement possible for individuals with severe disabilities. For safe usage the Innowalk has adaptable motor force where the movement can be interrupted if muscles go into spasms.

Follow up and service

Our highly-skilled assistive device consultants make sure our movement devices are adjusted properly and follow up with each individual user, optimizing the outcome.

Product information

Innowalk Small_white

Innowalk Small


User height: 80 - 135 cm
User weight: max 35 kg

Product specifications:
Width: 63 cm
Length: 95 cm
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 27,5 kg

Innowalk Medium_white

Innowalk Medium


User height: 125 - 170 cm
User weight: max 75 kg

Product specifications:
Width: 76 cm
Length: 170 cm
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 110 kg

Innowalk Large_white

Innowalk Large


User height: 160 - 190 cm
User weight: max 95 kg

Product specifications:
Width: 76 cm
Length: 170 cm
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 118 kg


Neck support

Neck support (S, M, L)

  • Provides extra support for the head

Arm-movement handles

  • Stimulate arm and hand function
  • Increased training effect


  • Number of steps
  • Time
  • Speed


  • Upper body support


  • For play and toys
  • Social interaction with other kids
  • Support of hands and forearms for better stability
  • Increases the feeling of security

Side-support w/ belt

  • Prevents dissymmetry
  • Supports alignment

Transport trolley

  • Enables safe transport