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Meet Jonathan!

Jonathan is a young man of 23. He is physically disabled and has impaired cognitive function as a result of a benign tumour on the hypothalamus. He has daily epileptic seizures.

Jonathan underwent surgery for this at the age of seven. His functional level was further reduced after suffering status epilepticus six years ago, at which stage he lost his walking function.

In May 2014, Jonathan started training in the Innowalk at the foundation Radarveien day centre in Oslo. The aim with the Innowalk was to increase his activity level, and see how activity with weight bearing and repeated movements would affect his motor functional level.

Today, Jonathan takes a greater part in transfers . His trunk stability has improved significantly, and he clearly enjoys the sensation of movement in the Innowalk. His mood improves and those around him find it is easier to motivate Jonathan to take part in other activities.

Jonathan uses the Innowalk four times a week for up to 40 minutes.

“At times when Jonathan is on poor form and not so inclined, he’s not so receptive to training and activities. What works well is the training and activity he gets in the Innowalk. Those of us around him find he is in a better mood, smiles and expresses a sense of wellbeing.”

– Physiotherapist at the foundation Radarveien