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Meet Lauranne!

Lauranne is a 2y 10 months old girl with cerebral palsy.At 18 months she could roll over the floor, sit and, on the basis of her arm-power, straightened herself to a layer of furniture. She leaned heavily with her trunk over the furniture with the hips bent.

Her physiotherapist worried because of the overuse of the flexor muscles in her body. With the Hibbot Lauranne gets the individual support needed to stand up nicely and she has her hands free to play. The individual support was progressively reduced and Lauranne learned to stand with extended hips. At a later stage she learned walking with the Hibbot. Meanwhile Lauranne uses the Hibbot on the playground at school and at home. Thanks to the individually set support that is progressively reduced, it remains a nice challenge for Lauranne!

The Hibbot is for us the most important tool in the development of our daughter Lauranne. From the beginning, we noticed as a parent that through the use, she greatly gained strength and stability. In the meantime Lauranne has become really handy with the Hibbot and she enjoys it when we walk with her in the device. She also really shines when she can step with the Hibbot between the other children of her class. This makes us so happy! To see that without our help she can walk in a proper way and yet move independently.