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Meet Maddoxx!

Because the diagnose of a very rare syndrome doctors could not tell about the outcome of Maddoxx’ motor development. His natural way to move around was sitting and shuffling over the floor. Making him active in his lower legs and taking support required manual support.

Because of the hypersensitivity in the palms of his hands and his selective manual behaviour, Maddoxx refuses to hold on to something for support. At the age of 2 Maddoxx started using Hibbot and with that he can stand while weightbearing on his legs in a dynamic way, playing with his favourite toys.After 3 months he started to make some steps in the Hibbot.

Maddox has made very big changes mentally and physically. He won’t sit anymore on the ground, but likes to be upright in a standing position. He has become more conscious of the world around him and makes his own choices and clearly shows what he likes and likes not.