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Meet Peter!

Peter has cerebral palsy (GMFCS IV). A dislocated hip resulted in surgery on the left hip, with simultaneous lengthening of the hip flexors, Achilles tendons and adductors on both sides. After six weeks in plaster, Peter was able to start rehabilitation.

The Innowalk has been a central element of the rehabilitation. The aim of using the Innowalk was to get Peter into a safe standing position with weight bearing as soon as possible after the plaster was removed. This allowed him passive movement of the legs with corrected gait, and stimulated the muscles and joints. Peter had walked in the NF-Walker until the operation, and the aim was to enable him to resume using it.

Even before the operation, Peter was introduced to the Innowalk so that he would feel confident in using the aid. This enabled him to start using the Innowalk as soon as possible once the plaster was removed.

After just one week out of plaster, Peter was moving in the Innowalk for 40 minutes at a time. He was able to decide for himself the speed and traction on his hip and knee.

“I’ve known of children who have walked using the NF-Walker before a hip operation but unfortunately have lost their walking function after the surgery or have taken a long time to regain it. They have often experienced severe pain in connection with mobilisation and handling. We therefore wanted to find out whether Peter could get moving more quickly after the operation if training was supplemented by movement in the Innowalk”

– Peter’s therapist

Peter used the Innowalk at nursery – between 30 and 50 minutes every day. He enjoys moving in the Innowalk. It was often used in combination with other activities at the table, such as playing with an iPad.

“As a physiotherapist, I find that Peter is immediately more mobile and better tolerates movement and traction in the muscles and joints after he has been moving in Innowalk”

– Peter’s therapist