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Meet Samuel!

Samuel Koch is a 31 years old former stuntman and acting student, who was seriously injured after jumping moving cars on the live German TV show Wetten dass…?

Samuel is now paralyzed from the neck down from an incomplete spinal cord injury, and he needs assistence with practically everything.

From extreme sports to a life in wheelchair

Samuel was one of the candidates on Wetten, dass …?, presenting probably one of the riskiest stunts the show had ever seen. The German TV format is a platform for people to bet and is one of Europe’s most seen shows.

“I had been doing that jump so often that I almost knew it in my sleep,” writes Koch in his biography entitled Zwei Leben (Two Lives). However, millions of viewers were live witnesses when the stunt went terribly wrong.

While wearing ‘kangaroo’ spring stilts, he jumped over the first three, but he got caught by the fourth car and crashed to the floor.

Being fit for fight

Despite the life-changing incident, Samuel has got back his sense of humour and looks at life in a positive way. He started studying acting again and is now starring in both theatre productions, TV series and movies. His work requires that he is in good shape, and being a former athlete, Samuel has been trying out a lot of different therapies to find the right training option.

The solution

At a rehabilitation clinic in Cologne he was introduced to the Innowalk Pro. He and his family were impressed by the simplicity, yet the flexible and highly efficient device. In cooperation with his physiotherapist he is now exercising daily in the Innowalk Pro, and he really feels the effect of being in upright standing movement.

I have never used a device that provides such an intesive training of my body,
- I am actually out of breath. What a feeling!”