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Meet Ulrik!

Ulrik is a six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy (GMFCS IV), spastic quadriplegia. The basis for applying for the Innowalk was that Ulrik showed an interest in using his body. The aim was to increase his activity level, and achieve more movement and increased muscle strength.

Ulrik has had the Innowalk since 2012 and uses it regularly at home for 30–60 minutes a day. After just a short time, Ulrik experienced a positive change in his gastric and bowel function. The movement in the Innowalk has also resulted in increased appetite and sleeping better at night. Ulrik has become stronger and has better posture, which has led to increased stability and control in the upper body.

“Ulrik is a happy and inquisitive boy who likes to be active. When he is standing in the Innowalk, he is proud and has a sense of accomplishment. The Innowalk gives him positive energy and increased quality of life. He likes to be at the same height as others and to have a normal perspective on things. Ulrik smiles and laughs. Innowalk lets him enjoy life.”

– Ulrik’s parents