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The Innowalk is a powerful 3-in-1 device for sitting, standing and moving. It allows safe and comfortable movement for the user.

This pioneering, dynamic motorised trainer offers physical and emotional well-being by providing the opportunity for moderate activity and exercise. No independent ability to stand or walk is required.

Assisted, guided and repetitive movements in an upright, weight-bearing position improves gross motor skills and reduces the risk of negative health outcomes.


Benefits of active standing

Social interaction

Social interaction

participation and communication with others at eye level.

Respiration & circulation

Respiration & circulation

are positively affected during vertical position and activity.

Bone mineral density

Bone mineral density

is developed through good nutrition, weight-bearing and the use of the muscles.

Physical activity

Physical activity

with low to moderate intensity.

Mental function

Mental function

is positively affected in an active standing position.

Skin integrity

Skin integrity

issues are prevented through pressure relief and increased blood flow.

Gastrointestinal function

Gastrointestinal function

is stimulated in active standing position.

Stretching of muscles and joints

Stretching of muscles and joints

prevents contractions and deformities, as well as reducing the muscle tone.

Benefits and Features

Individual high frequency training

ca. 1500 – 2000 steps in one training session with medium intensity

Stable, corrected leg movements in sitting and standing positions

Improves and maintains range of motion and joint flexibility

Integrated, adjustable spasm control

Prevents painful spasms and reduces pain-levels

Secure, reliable head support

The Innowalk is delivered with small or large head-support as standard

Our services

At Made for Movement we’re passionate about improving the quality of life for individuals with special needs, by working with families, therapists and caregivers to design products that are both clinically effective and offer practical, everyday benefits.

We believe that our training and support, custom-fitting and user follow-up are all vital parts of our solutions. So you can be reassured that your individual needs are met.

Our Services


We offer a range of accessories to allow the therapist to configure the Innowalk to each individual’s need.


  • For play and toys
  • Social interaction with other kids
  • Support of hands or forearms for better stability
  • Increases the feeling of security


  • Upper body support

Side-support seat

  • Prevents dissymmetry
  • Supports alignment

Custom-fit head-support

  • Can be adapted for specialised head support where required

Suggested size range

Innowalk Medium

Innowalk Small
80-135 cm and max 35 kg

Innowalk Medium
125-170 cm and max 65 kg

Innowalk Large
160-190 cm and max 95 kg