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Cookies are small text files placed on your computer when you visit a website. It stores information about how you use the site, e.g. remembers when you last visited madeformovement.com and what you have filled out in an order form, etc. The file is not malicious and cannot contain viruses or programming codes.

The use of cookies on madeformovement.com and consent

We use cookies to enhance your experience when you visit our website. This means that you leave behind an electronic trail by using madeformovement.com. Cookies on madeformovement.com are used to measure traffic, optimize a page’s content as well as to help support our online marketing. By using the website you simultaneously accept that Made for Movement uses cookies, as described below, unless you have chosen to disable cookies in your Web browser. If you disable cookies (see instructions below), you may find that certain pages requiring cookies cannot be displayed correctly, reduce user experience, or lose functionality.

Storage and processing of the information is not permitted unless a user has both been informed and has given consent for the processing. The user should know about and approve the information which is to be processed, the purpose of the processing and who is processing the information, cf. the Electronic Communications Act, section 2-7b.

Overview of which cookies are used and what is stored at madeformovement.com:

Cookies Data and usage Who uses the stored data
Website usage data.

Google Analytics is a website traffic analyzing tool, collecting data on how this website is used, for instance which pages are visited, duration of these page visits, what country the visitor is currently in etc. This information is used to improve content and structure on this website.
Google Analytics

Made for Movement

Sessiondata and function states

LiveChat is a chatmodule on our website, allowing visitors to communicate directly with one of our agents, if available.

_hjIncludedInSample User ID, session- and usage data

HotJar is an analytics tool, collecting and analyzing visitor behaviour and website flows. This tool allows us to improve page-structure, content-flow and usability of our website.

User ID, configuration and session-/usage data.

HubSpot is an online CMS, CRM, sales- and marketing tool, used to collect, and follow up on, visitor enquiries on this website.

Made for Movement

Please contact us if you have questions about how Made for Movement use cookies.

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