Assistive devices for home use

Physical activity and exercise provide immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity improves quality of life.

An assistive device is compensating for a disability and allowing the person to be active and participate in everyday life. It is a personal aid and individually adapted to fit that person's special needs. It can be used either in the home environment, kindergarten, school or workplace to accommodate an active life style, which is essential for growth, development, well-being, and socialisation. 

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Experience the freedom of movement and reduce sedentary behaviour. The Innowalk is a personal, motorised training device, allowing you to safely stand and move in comfort.

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Explore the world with the NF-Walker,
a multi-function gait trainer that helps you to
stand and walk independently.

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Replicate the hands of physiotherapists by walking with just enough support and stability at pelvis and trunk and with both hands free.

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