The Neck Collar helps to support the head in a natural position while sitting, standing, and during transfers and mobility. It provides the necessary support, without depriving an individual of full head control.



Main benefits

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Provides good stability and support 
  • Allows movement of the head
  • Can be used during transfers
  • Enhances activity and participation in everyday life

Who is the Neck Collar intended for?

The Neck Collar is suitable for children, adolescents and adults with moderate to significantly reduced independent head control. It provides necessary support, without the individual being deprived of full head control.

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Neck Collar – For people with limited head control

People with severe disabilities may find it difficult to maintain an upright position of their trunk and head, and therefore require assistance with head control. This can impact their daily life in many ways, from functional difficulties to feelings of compromised dignity and self-esteem. 

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When is postural support needed to control the head and what to use?

For children, young people and adults with complex needs, a wide range of postural equipment is needed for positioning. In some cases, support of the neck and head is also required, to enable and sustain an upright position of the head.  

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  • The Neck Collar offers: 

    • Support of the neck and head - It is designed to be comfortable to wear and to support the head in a natural, upright position.

    • Versatility - It is easy to put on and take off. It can be used in any seating or standing device and during transfers.

    • Movement - It is fitted around the neck and prevents the chin from dropping, while still allowing for active movement of the head. 

    Neck circumference
    S: 30 cm (+/- 5 cm)
    M: 40 cm (+/- 5 cm)
    L: 50 cm (+/- 5 cm)
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