Everyone should be able to move throughout the day.

Physical activity is essential for growth, development, wellbeing, and socialisation. Whether you need a gait trainer or dynamic stander to reduce sedentary behavior, we support and guide you in your process of finding a solution for daily routine. 

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Intensive therapy sessions accelerate recovery.

People with moderate to severe disabilities need comprehensive support and correction of position in order to activate their body upright with weight-bearing. Our robotic rehabilitation trainer has been proven to be an effective and affordable intervention in a clinical setting.

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Stand, move and walk – assistive devices tailored to the individual user.
Our solutions are intended for people with inherent and acquired movement disorders reducing
their ability to stand and walk independently.
Select the product category or the location for which you are looking for a solution
    • In clinic
    • Robotic rehabilitation therapy
    Improve rehabilitation with the Innowalk Pro, providing full-body robotic therapy in standing with weight bearing.
    • At home
    • Dynamic standing device
    Experience the freedom of movement with the Innowalk, a dynamic stander enabling activity and reducing sedentary behaviour.
    • At home
    • Gait trainer
    Explore the world with the NF-Walker, a gait trainer offering support and correction in multiple areas enabling you to stand and walk independently.
    • At home
    • Gait trainer
    Learn to walk with the Hibbot, an assistive device offering just enough support and stability at pelvis enabling intensive training of gait.
    • At home
    • Gait trainer
    The gait trainer designed for big and small adventures. Xplore improves mobility and participation for people with motor disabilities who cannot stand or walk independently.


Study: Blood biomarker changes during dynamic standing

The study included children with cerebral palsy GMFCS IV and V showed that several hormonal and inflammatory biomarkers are dysregulated in these children, but are postively affected by dynamic standing exercise in the Innowalk. ...

[Video] Krister (15) has CP, and he uses the Innowalk every day

Krister has been using the Innowalk for 5 months, and he is already experiencing positive effects on both walking function and joint mobility. The weight-bearing standing activity is motivating and can be done regardless of the ...

Weekly Innowalk Pro use shows promise in outpatient settings

Jack Torbett, a paediatric physiotherapist from the Great North Children’s Hospital conducted a small in-service project looking at the feasibility of improving walking speed in his paediatric community patients, with some ...