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NF-Walker provides a superb opportunity to develop the child’s potential for independent movement in
standing position.

Hands-free social interaction

Regardless of a user’s individual level of functionality, the NF-Walker mobility aid initiates better social interaction through independent standing and walking, while keeping hands free.

Participation in everyday activities

The dynamic, custom-fit device not only facilitates greater participation in everyday activities, but research shows that moderate physical activity in a standing position reduces the risks of negative health outcomes associated with sedentary behaviour.

Corrected positioning and alignment

In addition, movement performed in an upright and weight-bearing position that has been properly corrected can prevent complications related to a person’s specific medical diagnosis.

Our services

We believe that our training and support, custom-fitting and user follow-up are all vital parts of our solutions. So, you can be reassured that your individual needs are met.



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Product information


XS: 70 - 110 cm* – 30 kg
S: 100 - 140 cm** – 40 kg

*Micro kit available as an accessory for 70-80 cm.
**Assessed individually according to the user’s function and needs.

NF-Walker 2


130-180 cm and max 80 kg
NF-Walker XR5

Product accessories

Abduction joint

Abduction Joint
(XS, S, XR5)

  • Adjustable from 0 to 8 degrees on each side
  • Abduction position prevents hipluxation
  • Gives good, stable positioning
  • Reduces spasticity
Rotation Brace system

Brace Rotation System

  • Adjust for externally rotated foot position
    • By fixed positions or
    • By free rotation within 10 degrees
Dynamic Knee Strech

Dynamic knee-stretch

  • Adjust to stimulate knee extension or
  • Adjust to stimulate knee flexion
Escort handle

Escort Handle
(XS, S, XR5) (standard ass.)

  • Makes it easier to help the user.
  • Adjustable height.
Guide bars

Guide bars
(XS, S, XR5)

  • For children who cannot walk independently
  • Guides the child in a walking pattern
Head support

Head support
(XS, S, XR5)

  • All types of head support, both standard and custom made, can be adapted to the NF-Walker
Height Adjustable Coloumn

Height Adjustable Column
(S, XR5)

  • Gentle transfer of the user
  • Less need for lifting assistance from helpers
  • Simplifies transfer of the user on uneven surface
Lifting straps

Lifting Straps
(XS, S, XR5)

  • Helps the assistant to gently transfer the user
  • Fits all kinds of lifting systems
  • Prevents injury on helpers because of heavy loads
  • Easy to use
Knee Anti overstrech

Knee anti-overstretch
(XS, S, XR5)

  • Prevent overstretch of knee joint

(XS, S, XR5)

  • Simplifies transfer in and out of the NF-Walker
  • Easy to use wherever you are
Side bars

Side Bars
(S, XR5)

  • Allows for natural hand position
  • Stabilizes the upper body
  • Increases the feeling of security

(XS, S, XR5)

  • Increases independence and feeling of freedom
  • Stimulates hand and arm function
  • Stimulates cognitive function
  • Allows for better social interaction with other children
Support handle

Support Handle
(XS, S, XR5)

  • Increases stability of upper body
  • Fixed hand positioning for better stability
  • Increases the feeling of security

(XS, S, XR5)

  • For games and toys
  • Allows for social interaction with other kids
  • Supports hands/forearm for better stability
  • Increases the feeling of security
Thorax padding front

Thorax padding front
(S, XR5)

  • Provides extra padding for the chest


  • Tailored for user height from 70 cm
    • (small wheels, adapted break, shorter column, short thigh and leg braces)
Neck support

Neck support
(XS, S, XR5)

  • Positioning of head
  • Available in three sizes (S, M, L)
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