Different types of physical disabilities may affect, either temporarily or permanently, a person’s physical capacity and mobility.
In addressing the health-related implications this may cause, we provide the opportunity for physical activity interventions,
whether for home use or in complex rehabilitation.

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An empowered, equal and inclusive community

We work towards an empowered, equal and inclusive community through a unique combination of innovative medical devices, education and storytelling.

We aspire to achieve our goals by:

  • Inspiring people to overcome their disability, achieving dreams and live full lives.
  • Raising awareness about disability and how we all can create a positive, inclusive society without stereotypical mindsets.
  • Driving innovation that helps contribute to mobilisation of the whole body, activity and participation.

Our story


The two founders of Made for Movement, Norwegian pair Ånund Olsen and Erik Vegge, were inspired to begin the company back in 1995 and launched the original NF-Walker.


In 2007, Ånund Olsen competed in a Norwegian TV program for entrepreneurs called “The Creator”. He entered with his latest innovation, which was enough to win the whole competition. With that, the Innowalk was born.


Since 2008, Innowalk has been produced and distributed by Made for Movement all over the world.


Over time, both the NF-Walker and Innowalk have evolved, to better serve different needs. E. g. in 2011, the Innowalk Pro, developed for clinical practices and rehabilitation, was launched.


In 2016 the new generation NF-Walker 2 was launched,


and in 2018 the Hibbot entered the market, taking dynamic standing and walking further than ever before.


and in 2018 the Hibbot entered the market, taking dynamic standing and walking further than ever before.

Made for Movement at a glance today


Years of experience


Spends 12% of turnover on R&D and clinical documentations

Engaged salesforce

Highly engaged advisors with therapeutic background

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Represented through distributors in another 15 countries


ISO 13485 certified


International innovative company based in Norway

Sales subsidiaries

Subsidiaries in 5 countries: Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK and the Netherlands


75 dedicated employees


Cooperation with several leading international hospitals and universities

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