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Offering new technology to patients in your clinic, rehabiliation centre, therapy facility or hospital is attractive and allows you to adapt and personalise training programs to the individual needs of the patients. You are able to constantly monitor and evaluate progression and adjust accordingly. The use of medical devices provides higher training intensity compared to what is typically achieved in traditional rehabilitation, and at the same time offloading therapists' burden. Robotic movement therapy is a recommended intervention in rehabilitation, all the way from acute to chronic phase at in-patient and out-patient clinics. 


Our solution for clinics and hospitals

Innowalk Pro - full-body robotic therapy with impact

The Innowalk Pro stands out as a highly compact end-effector device, delivering comprehensive robotic therapy in a weight-bearing standing position. With a remarkably small footprint of only 2m², and integrated transport solution it distinguishes itself among robotic therapy devices, making it suitable even for smaller facilities.

A broad type of patients, spanning from children to adults in various stages of rehabiliation, derive benefits from the Innowalk Pro. This includes individuals in the early intervention phase post-trauma to those in the later chronic phase, encompassing both severely affected and complex patients.

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The Innowalk Pro gives us a valuable opportunity to efficiently match patient needs and therapeutic goals

Julian Breuer, Physiotherapist


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