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Intensive training through daily activities

The Hibbot facilitates participation in everyday activities with both hands free. It enables early mobilisation with high intensity gait training in an upright, weight-bearing position.

Gives just enough support

The Hibbot stabilizes pelvic and trunk instability with just enough support for the individual child and its progress. The device stimulates activity in extensor muscles and promotes excellent postural alignment and balance.

A game changer

The Hibbot is the first walking aid that aims to replicate the physiotherapists’ hands-on gait training, bridging a gap between therapy intervention and daily stimulation of a child’s walking skills.

Follow up and service

Our highly-skilled assistive device consultants make sure our movement devices are adjusted properly and follow up with each individual user, optimizing the outcome.

Product information



User height: 60-125 cm
User weight: max 30 kg

Product specification:

Max width: 70 cm
Max length: 110 cm
Max height: 106 cm

The Hibbot grows with the child


4-sizes braces

  • XS: 38 - 43 cm
  • S: 43 - 48 cm
  • M: 48 - 54 cm
  • L: 54 - 61 cm

4-sizes wheels

  • 16” - 16 x 1,75
  • 20” - 20 x 1,75
  • 24” - 24 x 1,75
  • 29” - 29 x 1,75