The gait trainer designed for big and small adventures.
The Xplore offers people with motor impairment more opportunities to interact with friends and family.
It combines the benefits of greater flexibility, autonomy and proximity.


Main benefits

  • Quick and easy to enter and adjust to individual needs
  • Very good positioning
  • Stand independently, walk for longer and steer easily
  • Get closer to the action and enjoy richer, more inclusive experiences

Who is the Xplore intended for?

Xplore is designed especially for children and adolescents with complex movement disorders (non-ambulatory). It’s suitable for users unable to bear their own weight or who may have low core stability.

And an ideal solution for people who experience restrictions in participation due to wheelchairs and bulky walkers.


See how the Xplore works!

  • Xplore, our latest gait trainer, is safe, stable and approved for outdoor use.

    The Xplore offers:

    Flexible and easy adjustment - Xplore was created to answer the varied needs of people with motor impairment and designed with flexibility in mind. Since it’s easier to get started – and to quickly adapt Xplore to an individual’s requirements – users are equipped and encouraged to walk every day.

    Designed for indoor and outdoor use - The ideal gait trainer for use at home, in kindergarten and school - as well in therapy sessions.

    Activity closer to the centre of events - The slim profile allows Xplore to fit under a desk while hands are kept free. Whether group activities are taking place around a table or on the move, Xplore enables users to join in with more of what’s happening around them.

    A unique support system for the upper body - Both corrects and aligns the body for optimal positioning. This avoids crouch gait which can lead to pain and contractions and can negatively affect development. Instead, energy is transferred to straightening and moving in the best way possible. 

    The accessory `leg positioning kit' - Provides reciprocal guiding; moving each leg in turn to promote a natural stepping motion.

    User Size
    S: 80 - 120 cm* – 30 kg
    M: 110 - 150 cm* – 50 kg
    L: 140 - 180 cm* – 80 kg
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