Innowalk Pro

An excellent end-effector device, providing full-body robotic therapy in standing with weight-bearing.

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Who is the Innowalk Pro intended for?

The combination of great adaptability of the support system and flexible positioning from sitting to standing, enable a broad type of patients to benefit from the use of the Innowalk Pro. This includes children, adolescents and adults undergoing rehabilitation, from the early intervention phase post-trauma to the later chronic phase. Moreover, the Innowalk Pro serves as an outstanding end-effector device for severely affected and complex patients. It can be patients with primary diagnosis such as:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Congenital or acquired brain injury
  • Other neurological or neuromuscular conditions

Where to use the Innowalk Pro?

The Innowalk Pro has a compact design, small footprint, faciliates easy transfer and is easy to use. It has demonstrated its effectiveness as an exercise trainer in various settings, including:

See how the Innowalk Pro works

The Innowalk Pro stands out as a highly compact end-effector device, delivering comprehensive robotic therapy in a weight-bearing standing position. With a remarkably small footprint of only 2m², it distinguishes itself among robotic therapy devices, making it suitable even for smaller facilities. Key features includes:

  • User-friendly adjustment system 
  • Easy accessibility
  • Seamless transition from sitting to standing
  • High comfort
  • Integrated transport system 
  • Easy to combine with other therapies
  • Integrated Bluetooth interface


  • Supports your overall rehabilitation
  • Quick and easy to access
  • Safe standing positioning without a harness
  • Comfortable mobilisation of the whole body
  • Easy adjustable supporting points
  • Effective training with many repetitions
  • Monitor your progress
  • Fun and motivating training method


  • Small footprint and easy to move 
  • Intended for a wide range of primary diagnosis
  • Optimal utilisation of therapy time due to quick and easy set up
  • High training intensity
  • Limited strain on therapist 
  • Less disruption of therapy even with complex patients
  • Easy to combine with other therapies
  • Cost effective therapy
  • Flexible payment models


  • Physical activity promotes health & wellbeing
  • Motivating activity for pupils & staff
  • Promotes inclusion & participation
  • Movement impacts learning ability
  • Promotes positional changes
  • Reduces sedentary behaviours
  • Easy to use

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Implementing the use of Innowalk Pro in a special school setting

The results from the HEROIC study, have created an evidence based guide on how to implement the Innowalk Pro in a special school setting in the United Kingdom. It has also had great impact on the the schools culture and implementation of ‘Move more, Sit less’ improvement plan.

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Innowalk Pro study shows key outcomes in special school


This is the first study including the Innowalk Pro in a special school setting in the United Kingdom. It included both children from primary and secondary school. They used the Innowalk Pro, a robotic rehabilitation trainer as an adjunction with usual physiotherapy care over a 6-week period.

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Practical use of the Innowalk Pro in a neurological rehabilitation unit

The Innowalk Pro full-body movement trainer has been in daily use at the SRH Fachkrankenhaus Neresheim since June 2022. Learn all about the therapist's experience - the initial challenges and how their everyday work has changed.

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Learn about experiences of the Innowalk Pro from
some of our customers and partners.

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