Everyone should be able to move throughout the day.

Physical activity is essential for growth, motor development, well being, and socialisation. Whether you need a gait trainer or dynamic stander to reduce sedentary behaviour, we support and guide you in the process of finding a solution to fit into your daily routine. 

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Movement enhances children's ability to learn.

Physical activity has a positive effect on the brain and can help consolidate learning. For school pupils with additional physical needs, it is vital to empower them to move. Our assistive device Innowalk PRO enables physical activity in a school setting.

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Intensive therapy sessions accelerate recovery and encourage neuroplasticity.

People with moderate to severe physical injury or disability need support and assistance in order to achieve repetitive limb movement in a weight-bearing position. Our robotic rehabilitation trainer has been proven to be an effective intervention in a clinical setting.

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Stand, move and walk – assistive devices tailored to the individual user.

Our solutions are intended for people with inherent and acquired movement disorders reducing
their ability to stand and walk independently.

Select the product category or the location for which you are looking for a solution
    • At school , In clinic
    • Robotic rehabilitation therapy
    Improve rehabilitation with the Innowalk Pro, providing full-body robotic therapy in standing with weight bearing.
    • At home
    • Dynamic standing device
    Experience the freedom of movement with the Innowalk, a dynamic stander enabling activity and reducing sedentary behaviour.
    • At home
    • Gait trainer
    Learn to walk with the Hibbot, an assistive device offering just enough support and stability at pelvis enabling intensive training of gait.


Implementing the use of Innowalk Pro in a special school setting

The results from the HEROIC study, have created an evidence based guide on how to implement the Innowalk Pro in a special school setting in the United Kingdom. It has also had great impact on the the schools culture and ...

Study – Physical activity for non-ambulant children with CP gives hope

This is the first qualitative study involving dynamic standing exercise in the Innowalk. Parents share their experiences of using the equipment to allow their child to exercise on a regular basis at home and the influence it has ...

Innowalk Pro study shows key outcomes in special school

This is the first study including the Innowalk Pro in a special school setting in the United Kingdom. It included both children from primary and secondary school. They used the Innowalk Pro, a robotic rehabilitation trainer as an ...