Experience the freedom of movement with the Innowalk, a dynamic stander enabling activity and reducing sedentary behaviour.

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The main benefits of the Innowalk

  • Become more physically active
  • Stimulate gross motor function
  • Improve physical and emotional well-being
  • Reduce the risk of negative health outcomes

Who is the Innowalk intended for?

The Innowalk is custom-made to make movement possible for children, adolescents and adults with moderate to severe physical disabilities.
No independent ability to stand or walk is required.

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See how the Innowalk works


The innowalk is the best piece of equipment we have for our son and is used at least twice a day

Testimonial from a parent

The benefits are life changing

Testimonial from a parent


12 FAQ about the Innowalk

If the Innowalk is a new assistive device to you, you may have many questions. Here you’ll find answers to the questions we are asked the most about the Innowalk. We hope this will be helpful in your search for the best assistive device for your child, yourself or the person you care about.

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[Video] Samuel is Paralyzed, - but the Innowalk keeps him going!

Samuel Koch, a 31-year-old former stuntman, was left paralyzed from the neck down in a failed attempt at jumping moving cars. Since the accident, Samuel has relied on assistance with practically everything. Still, he remains a highly active person – and even manages to get intense, daily exercise.

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[Video] Niels reduced his contractures significantly after just a year in the Innowalk

Due to immobilization after a leg fracture, Niels developed serious knee contractures. Thanks to intense and persistent training in the Innowalk, he was able to reduce his contractures significantly.

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  • Innowalk is an innovative dynamic standing device offering many features to people with moderate to severe physical disabilities.

    People with moderate to severe motor impairment suffer typically from neurological and neuro-muscular disease. They have limited ability for independent movement and are less physically active compared to able-bodied. They spend most of their waking hours being sedentary. 

    The Innowalk dynamic stander offers:

    • Motorised movement - Motor-assisted and repetitive movement of the whole body in an upright weight bearing position.

    • Support system - Adaptable support system enabling appropriate positioning and exceptional comfort.

    • Safe use - Safe usage with adaptable motor force where the assistive movement can be interrupted if muscles go into spasms.

    Size range
    Small: User height: 80-135 cm | User weight: max 35 kg
    Medium: User height: 125-170 cm | User weight: max 75 kg
    Large: User height: 160-190 cm | User weight: max 95 kg
  • Arm-movement handles

    • Stimulate arm and hand function
    • Increased training effect

    Side-support w/ belt

    • Prevents asymmetry
    • Supports alignment


    • Upper body support


    • For playing and activities
    • Social interaction with others
    • Support of hands and forearms for better stability
    • Increases the feeling of security

    Neck Collar

    • Provides extra support for the head

    Transport trolley

    • Enables safe transport
    • Brochures

      Here you find the Innowalk brochure.

      Here you find the Innowalk for Adults brochure.

    • Measurement form

      Here you find the Innowalk measurement form.

    • Use manuals

      We are more than happy to send you a user manual on request. Contact us here and we will send you what you need.

    • Meet the support team

      We are here to help you.


      Yuliya Mykhaylenko

      Customer care for UK and Ireland

      +44 7885 478000



      Magnus Winther

      Key Account Manager / International Business 

      +47 908 49 335



We understand that you might have many questions

To make it easier for you, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the Innowalk.

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