A leading clinic in innovative rehabilitation
therapy has adapted the Innowalk Pro

NiB Köln is an outpatient rehabilitation centre, specialising in holistic, individual treatment options such as gait therapy for neurological patients.


To offer robotic rehabilitation can be both complex and costly for a rehabilitation centre such as NiB Köln. Utilizing personnel, the best way, in addition to offering flexible therapy to a large group of different patients is often a challenge.


The robotic rehabilitation trainer, Innowalk Pro, allows patients with severe to moderate physical disabilities to stand and move their whole body by offering exceptional flexibility in adjustment and support.


The high frequency of movement regulates the tone throughout the body. There is a reduction of spasticity of the legs and necessary tension is built up especially in a hypotonic trunk. The dynamic weight shift and movement of the legs activate the pelvic area, even at low walking speed (LWS).

The possibility to actively assist the movement of both legs and arms offers a valuable option for cardiovascular training – especially important for patients with cross-sectional symptoms. Many patients also report long-lasting noticeable trunk stability which has a positive effect on their gait. The short setup time and effortless operation allow for combination with other activities, utilizing their personnel better.

The Innowalk Pro gives us a valuable opportunity to efficiently match patient needs and therapeutic goals

Julian Breuer, Physiotherapist

The benefits they experience are

Providing patients high-intensity mobilization of the whole body.

Therapy in the Innowalk Pro is very well received by patients who are consistently positive and highly motivated to use the device. Short setup time and effortless operation allow for combination with other activities, utilizing their personnel better.

About NiB Köln

NiB Köln was established in 1998 and is run by Jens Rodenberg and his wife, medical director Dr. med. Anuschka Rodenberg. Their broad expertise makes it possible to treat about 50 different rehabilitation patients every day.

The centre employs both occupational therapists, physiotherapists and medical doctors.

Location: Köln, Germany

Specialist expertise:
Their expertise span from patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson, to spinal cord injuries, and stroke.